Jordan Family

Ricky and Tiffany are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and their boys Maximus and Titus are so fun! I rode out to the location with the fam and am so glad it worked out. It gave us a chance to get to hang a little bit before we got down to business. The first location we went to ended up being closed so we went to a more familiar location, but went to a different part of it. We had such a good time talking, hiking, and skipping stones. We ran into one small hiccup towards the end(more like big hiccup... a dead horse on the side of the trail) but that didn't stop us. Well, it stopped me for about 30 seconds as I almost lost my dinner off to the side of the trail. It's a story we'll tell forever I guess. Thank you Ricky and Tiffany for such a great time out. It was a real pleasure sharing life with you for the night and capturing some really sweet moments.