Last month, VSCO Film came out with a few free presets in a pack they called VSCO 00. I haven't used VSCO in a while, but I thought I'd give this pack a try. Included were their presets for Kodak Gold 100, a classic color film and Kodak Tri-X. Each of these presets included variations of pushing and pulling and the Kodak Gold 100 had a few different color options. If you're familiar at all with film, pushing and pulling deal mainly with contrast. I have to tell you, I really love both of these presets(and variations). Kodak gold has a great punch and definitely reminds me of the classic Gold film. Tri-X has a great classic look to it and the pushing and pulling really gives the look it should. I'm not sure how they will work in my work flow, but I can definitely see myself working with these presets and making them my own. They're great starter presets and I have to give it to VSCO for making these available for free. You can get the free pack HERE. I decided to post some examples using these presets. 

Kodak Gold 100 + Alt 2

Kodak Gold 100 Contrast +

Tri-X +2

Kodak Gold 100

Kodak Gold 100

Kodak Gold 100 +

Kodak Gold 100

Tri-X +1 +

Kodak Gold 100 Vibrant

Kodak Gold 100 Cool +

Tri-X +3