I met Marcos and Alicia through a friend and fellow photographer, Jasmine. She texted me one afternoon and asked if I was interested in photographing her brothers wedding up at Mormon Lake(she was in the wedding) in the fall. Little did I know that Marcos and Alicia would soon become close friends. After shooting their engagements, we found out we had a ton in common, mostly regarding family and cameras! Besides getting lost deep in the forest on my drive home(still trying to get the knife out of my back that Siri put there), this was the most perfect day.
Well, November came quick. I woke up early that Saturday to hop on the road for the 2hr drive that became longer and bumpier than I had expected. I took a dirt road that was beautiful, but definitely more off-road than I would have liked. I finally reached Mormon Lake Lodge, a small little town next to Mormon Lake, or at least what use to be Mormon Lake. The scenery was amazing, the people were beautiful, and the setting was perfect. I'm not sure I've ever had as much fun shooting a wedding as I did Marcos and Alicia's. 
Their wedding could have been a picture book for a Disney "Princes and Princess's" movie. Bold colors, beautiful backdrop, and an incredibly beautiful love story. I can't thank Marcos and Alicia enough for trusting me with their day and their family. Here's to 2016 being the best year yet for your family and our friendship!